Quantum Stochastic Thermodynamics: Foundations and Selected Applications

My book "Quantum Stochastic Thermodynamics: Foundations and Selected Applications" is about classical stochastic thermodynamics, quantum thermodynamics and their synthesis. It is published by Oxford University Press and a draft of Chapter 1 and the Appendix can be downloaded here for free. As the title suggests, the book focuses mostly on foundational questions and there is no need to read it if you can answer the following questions:

  • How do you define a quantum stochastic process? What is a quantum Markov process?
  • Is Landauer's principle a tautology?
  • What does the condition of local detailed balance say? And where does it come from?
  • Does the 0th law hold for small systems?
  • How do you define thermodynamic entropy out of equilibrium?
  • Can you reach Carnot efficiency at finite power?
  • Is the 3rd law of any use? And if so, also for open quantum systems?
  • Is there a unique way to extend classical stochastic thermodynamics to the quantum regime?
  • Which 2nd law does Maxwell's demon obey? Does it matter if it uses quantum-correlated interventions?
  • Does the presence of a magnetic field violate time-reversal symmetry?
  • ...

To illustrate the general theory, the book also treats a few applications and experiments in detail. Those are single-molecule-pulling experiments, the micromaser and related settings in quantum optics, as well as quantum transport and thermoelectric devices based on quantum dots.

Corrections and Errata

I have written the book with the hope that it advances, clarifies and unifies the field of quantum stochastic thermodynamics, which appears to me at the moment as a fragmented puzzle of different believes and definitions. Therefore, I am very grateful to receive feedback on my book, even the most critical one, in the hope that I have the chance to improve it at some point. In the mean time, I plan to list all corrections and errata here...

  • General: For some reason I do not understand, the index is a bit of mess. Please add to the page numbers in the index a random number taken from {0,1,2,3,4,5} to increase your chances to hit the right page...
  • Exercise 3.19: Please replace \pi by \pi^\star in eqns (3.103) and (3.104). [noticed by Ludovico Tesser]
  • Sec. 5.6: There is some inconsistent notation for the system-ancilla and preparation-ancilla interaction Hamiltonian: sometimes I use V_{PA} or V_{SA} and sometimes H_{PA} or H_{SA}, but I always mean the same object. [noticed by Ludovico Tesser]
  • Eqns (5.101) and (5.102): \ln(iU) should be replaced by i\ln(U). [noticed by Ludovico Tesser]
  • Eqn (B.30): Please replace a_1, b_1 of the first unitary time-evolution (super)operator by a'_1, b'_1 and a_0, b_0 of the second unitary time-evolution (super)operator by a'_0, b'_0 (as in the two equations above). [noticed by Ludovico Tesser]